Hello there! My name is Madeline D’Amato and I’m a graphic designer from NY and vintage goods lover/online shop owner/hoarder.  A few years ago, I was heavily involved in graphic and web design and even received a few accolades and mentions along the way.

While I experienced immense fulfillment from my flourishing career, I quickly realized that other areas of my life were greatly sufferering. Namely, my family life and health – both physical and mental. 

I wish I knew how to quit you. 

In 2011 I took an all-or-nothing approach to getting back on track with my personal life and quit designing completely for a couple of years. As expected, things began improving at home and with my health but I also found that completely cutting off my creative outlet left a little void inside. 


After some soul-searching I came to see that what I needed was balance. It was a matter of giving SOME of myself to ALL the things I love and not ALL of myself to SOME. Once I figured that out, I stated zeroing in on doing things that made me happy on a daily basis. One of those things was shopping and collecting vintage goods. 

For fun, some online friends and I started comparing notes on what vintage finds we were able to “rescue” over our respective neck of the woods. Things that were abundantly left behind in thrift stores and estate sales here in the East coast were sometimes hard to find over on the West coast or up North, so some of us began to trade goodies by shipping things from back home to one another. I’d send pictures or quick little videos of the long shelves of items in my local stores, they’d spot something they were in search of and I’d pick it up and send it to them in exchange for something I’d spy in their pictures. It was an affordable, fun way to thrift shop from afar. 

Having a background in web design and development I decided I would create a website for my finds so I could easily share several close-up images, details, and descriptions of the things I was finding and eventually from there, on March 2013 was born. 

Back in Pink. 

Creating the website for was instrumental into bringing graphic design back into my life as I needed to start creating graphic, branding, and promotional materials for the shop.  Still wildly in love with the fulfillment and creativity that graphic design allows me to express, I just recently began taking on a few small projects and working with good people again. Think I can help you with a logo or branding project? Feel free to drop me a line and let’s see if we can make something happen. 

I can talk your ear off on this subject but, the gist of it is, I am happiest when I’m being creative” – Excerpt from my bio originally created in 2007 

True Dat.