Waterlogue app

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My new favorite iphone app is called Waterlogue and it turns your images into pretty watercolor-like images. I’ve been having fun turning some of my doodles and photos into watercolors.  Click on the Waterlogue logo below for app download link. (I’m not being paid for this shout out)

Graphic before and after waterlogue app for iPhone.
Graphic before and after waterlogue app for iPhone.
Teacups image before and after Waterlogue App
Teacups photo before and after Waterlogue App

Waterlogue app logo


Currently obsessing over: Pretty Packaging

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Pretty packaging

So exciting starting a new venture! Everyday I have to remember to pace myself and really take time to sort out ALL the details because my heart always says jump now, and look later! And I know that’s not always the smartest decision. I guess my fear is that my heart will dream bigger dreams than reality can ever deliver. But I like to stay juuuuust naive enough always go for whatever it is I dream up next, and I guess that’s a good thing. Cuz I’m going for it!

The current thing I’m obsessing over is product packaging that is both cost effective (for a startup) and still special and my own. So many wonderful ideas out there that it’s almost overwhelming. I can’t seem to commit to one solid idea/ color scheme / branding direction. I almost want to hand it over to someone else! Only I know I can’t kid myself – I’m too much of a control freak! So for now, I’ll be over at Pinterest letting my imagination run wild. It’s part of the fun anyways :)

Image credits : Pinterest, oh hello friend, Elinee, Elephantine, Discover Paper, and Laura Winslow Photography