I’m thinking I may start a separate blog for my gluten-free thoughts and recipes. Maybe later on at some point, for now this is all I can handle. My apologies for the sudden change in direction over here. It’s not permanent, just a new and exciting thing for me.  Anyways, this past week has been interesting. Here are some thoughts and changes I’ve experienced one week into going gluten-free.

Rash on my chest that I’d started developing months ago is completely gone. (Kicking myself for not having taken a before picture!) I honestly thought it was from spraying my body spray onto that area of my body after showering daily and I even tried spraying over my clothes to see if it helped and it never went away or improved.  So it’s so nice to see it completely disappear.  This wasn’t a major concern for me, but it’s pretty impressive and one of the more outwardly noticeable changes I’ve experienced so far.

Cravings. The salty/sweet cravings are gone! My daily routine of heading to the pantry and refrigerator mindlessly throughout the day snacking on cheez-its, cookies, and all types of processed snacks has been almost TOO easy to kick. I swear I’m not even trying.  I thought this would be much much harder since I have two daughters who both work in the food industry and are constantly bringing home food and pastries and snacks. When I tried to stay away in the past I really felt like I didn’t have a chance.  I’m so pleased with how it’s going.

Depression. Ugh. I loathe to talk about my struggles with this demon but this has been the most amazing change that going gluten-free has brought and because I’m only a week in,  I want to be very cautious about discussing my results thus far. I don’t know if it’s for fear of “jinxing” something or just that it’s too hard to talk about where I was before, but I’ve 100% experienced relief in this area. I’m hopeful and very grateful. 

General Mind-Fog is the only way I can think of calling it. I’m experiencing great improvements in my ability to organize my thoughts. Just the fact that I’ve been able to sit and jot down a few recipes I’ve been trying out (like I always mean to do but usually never got around to) is cause for a mini celebration to me.  I can’t tell you how many little things I didn’t get around doing because I just felt sluggish and just cobweb-in-the-brain all the time. Again, cautiously happy about my results.

Joint pain. Holy wow. I feel like I need to formally apologize to my mattress for all the blame I was placing on it for my daily back pain.  My shoulders, my knees even my wrists feel so much better. I can compare it to the morning after my last gluten binge that I “treated” myself to before starting out on Oct. 11. I had a deli sub, I had noodles, I had cheez its, I just went nuts because I really thought I was going to say goodbye to an old friend and was bracing myself for something really difficult.

Well, the next morning I woke up really feeling the pain. My joints were KILLING me. I took an aleve as soon as I woke up because I didn’t think I’d be able to function. I couldn’t even fathom exercise. I felt like an old lady! Today I woke up, stretched and realized just how much better I’m feeling and I no longer blame my mattress for all the aches and pains. Sorry comfy bed!

Last but not least, this week I lost 4 pounds without even trying. NICE!